Sunday, November 2, 2008

Found in one of last year's winter purses - a makeup bag I made, two black pens, gloves, a hair clip, my journal and $12!

I threw such a hissy fit around March of last year when I couldn't find my journal anywhere. I tore apart my whole apartment looking for it. I was convinced that Finn had thrown it out for some reason. Now imagine the sheepish look on my face when I am pulling out the bag I used for most of last winter and, voila, there is the journal. I had pulled my wallet out of the old bag to put in to the new spring bag and then threw the winter bag in the closet to clean out later. I think that's hilarious. And $12! I have got to start putting my change in to my wallet when I am going through a checkout instead of just shoving it in my bag.

Flickr Favourites

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled

Lately I've been having dreams about watching my old school friend Alana being shot on the street. I try to call 911 on a cell phone but it won't connect, or I keep getting disconnected. Then I run down the street to a bar to use their phone and the same thing happens. When I finally get through, the operator tells me to stop making prank calls.

I wonder what that means? What is my subconscious trying to tell me? I looked up "guns" and "shot" in my dream dictionary but the meanings didn't seem to fit. Hmm.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I think I may have gotten myself a job, finally. The interview I did this morning went well, and although they said there are a few more people to interview the lady who owns the business showed me around the office which is always a good sign. She asked for references but didn't ask why I left my last job so I was spared having to go over those gory details. It's a long walk to get there (oh how I wish I had a car!) but it's only days and I would be in the office by myself most of the time which is how I prefer to work. The office politics of my last position were too much for me. Even though I wasn't involved in any of it, the fact that I distanced myself made it even worse. I can't stand a gossip. But this job it would be me in the front office and some guys working in the back - perfect. All I'd have to do is answer the phones, general office accounting, make sure appointments are set up and that guys are where they're supposed to be. I can do that with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. I emphasized, too, that I grew up with a father who ran his own business so most of the responsibilities of the job I was doing at home when I was 13.

Anyway. I hope I get a call from them. I can't stand sitting at home all day much longer.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Foxy Etsy Favourites

1. Sneaky Fox by HirondelleRustique 2. Hungry Fox by bestiaryink 3. Fox Tea by ohmycavalier 4. BirdIn Fox pendant by viennahorses

Lately I have been crazy over foxes on Etsy. I think foxes are the new owl. Especially foxes drinking tea ;)

I got a call for a job interview tonight, thankfully. It's been awhile since I've even had a place to send a resume to, there are just no job openings in my small town. But I saw a full time receptionist position in todays paper so I fired my resume off super quick. The interview is on Wednesday morning and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that I get it until then!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lazy weekends

Another lazy weekend. We sat around most of the day doing nothing and now Finn has gone to play hockey with my brother. I felt kind of sick so I didn't go, and of course now I feel fine. I do like watching him play. When I first met him he had only been in Canada a month and was desperate to learn how to play "real Canadian hockey". Unlike most Irishmen, he's not that in to soccer but he just loves hockey. So I introduced him to my brother and they've been playing on various men's teams together ever since. Finn couldn't even really skate two years ago, now he's just as good as Tim, who has been playing for ten years.

Anyway. I changed my Etsy shop today. Turns out there is a photographer already using the name Fjordscape (what are the odds?!) so I figured I'd change my name now while it's still early. I didn't have too much feedback to lose. So the new name is Quiet Katie. I think it suits me perfectly.

I've only got a few stuffed bird ornaments listed so far, but I have a few things to finish off and then the shop will look a bit more filled out. I have a few trees that have been sitting patiently on a shelf for a week now, just waiting to be photographed. I also have a really pretty white felt lamb that needs a bit more sewing and she will be done. My first attempt at making the lamb didn't turn out so well (see my Flickr) but my latest try has turned out quite pretty. I can't wait to get her in the shop.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Etsy shopping

I wish someone would give me $143 American dollars so that I can buy this gorgeous Morelle bag. I spent what felt like an outrageous $90 on the very first purple bag she made back in the winter/spring, and I love it so much. Morelle makes amazing bags. I want another one!

I would also like another $95 American dollars to buy this lovely cowl. And then maybe some more money to buy a great pair of brown boots I saw at a store downtown the other day. And more money for this pretty pinecone necklace.

(I need a job.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birds Love Christmas

I finally managed to get my hands on some white felt and Snowbird is the result! (along with a few custom orders) I love the fabric on her bottom panel. I found it in the spring and wanted to make a bag out of it, but it's so thin and not really cut out for heavy duty use. So I think it will end up being a reoccuring thing in my Christmas ornaments this year.

It's been another lazy day today, 2:30 and I haven't accomplished a thing. I need to go to the post office, the grocery store and do laundry. Last night's dishes are still sitting in the sink. But on days like today when it's blustery and cold and rainy, I just want to stay under the duvet. I really do need to get going, though. I am reminded of the Disney version of Sword In The Stone, where the dishes do themselves. I need a Merlin in my life ;)